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Belly Fat & Breathing Problems - Relationship With Obesity

Posted On 06/10/18

Obesity – Not Just About Being Fat!The common perception about obesity is associated with symptoms of overweight, excessive fat and overeating. However there is more to obe ReadMore

When Obesity Makes You Turn All Red

Posted On 06/07/18

When Obesity Makes You Turn All Red - ￰ The Connection Between Obesity And Blood Pressure  ReadMore

Sleeve Gastrectomy For Weight Loss : Diabesity For Your Care

Posted On 04/05/2018

Have you been worrying about your outsized figure? Are you self-conscious when you see yourself in the mirror? Is it that round tummy that is making it more obvious? Fret not, for its time to forget obesity and oversized body. Diabesity is here with the most promising solutions to solve the problems affecting your c ReadMore

Myths And The Truth About Exercise And Weight Loss

Posted On 03/05/2018

When the weighing scale frightens someone the common reaction is ‘Lets hit the gym’ tomorrow itself. According to what people think, exercises have a great role in reducing weight and it is quite common to ReadMore

A Transformation From FAT to FIT - Gastric Bypass Surgery

Posted On 12/04/2018

Gastric bypass surgery is a commonly performed bariatric surgery. In this procedure, small stomach pouch is created and it is attached to the middle portion of the small intestine, bypassing part of the intestine. The procedure changes the amount of food the body can digest, changes the signals that ReadMore

Fight Obesity Live Life....

Posted On 02/02/2018

Are you suffering from Obesity? Don't suffer anymore, Max Health Care Hospital, New Delhi headed by Dr. Nikhil Agnihotri who is a highly accomplished, qualified and devoted Bariatric Surgeon in New Delhi ReadMore

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