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Hernia is said to occur when the fatty tissue or an organ pushes through the weakened part of the surrounding muscle wall or connecting tissue. Most of them occur in the abdominal area. ReadMore

Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure, and Fistula are common conditions. These conditions share similar symptoms such as itchiness or pain and bleeding in the rectal area, and people often find it hard to understand the disease. Most often, these symptoms are indicative of hemorrhoids, but in most cases, the anal tissue has agg ReadMore

Pseudocyst of Pancreas

Posted On 26/11/19

Pancreatic pseudocyst is a false fluid-filled cyst that is formed on the pancreas from the collection of the pancreatic tissues, fluids, and necrosis ( dead tissue). A pseudocyst is formed due to pancreatitis, a condition characterized by the inflammation of the pancreas. The inflammation of the pancreas leads to the ReadMore

What is Omega Loop Bypass?

Posted On 08/10/19

An Omega-Loop Gastric Bypass also known as a Mini-Bypass is a procedure that aims to reduce the amount of food you eat, as well as reduce the number of calories that are absorbed from the food you eat.In this me ReadMore

‘Poor diet and sedentary behavior have led to an increase in obesity, lifestyle-related diseases and a huge rise in chronic medical conditions.’ When it comes to obesity, you know all the health risks you are going to face if you put on excess weight. Starting with hea ReadMore

Why Choose Bariatric Surgery?

Posted On 01/06/19

Obesity is a chronic lifestyle disease that affects almost 60% of the world's population. Also in India, the rate of obesity has increased from 21 % to 39.3% in just 10 years. Obesity mainly occurs due to bad lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, poor diet or other hormonal problems. ReadMore

Over weight and obesity are more socialized words in our society. From younger to elder, suffer from heavy weight due to their life style, hereditary, and mainly eating habits like binge eating. We can’t refuse that every one of us tries to drop down weight in many ways. Methods like dieting starts from home, a ReadMore

Haven't you observed that 90% of the people suffering from type 2 diabetes are actually fat? You might have dismissed your concerns as mere thoughts. But here's a true fact. Yes, obesity and type 2 diabetes go hand in hand. Before going into the details of how obesity and type 2 diabetes is linked, let us first find ReadMore

Obesity – Not Just About Being Fat!The common perception about obesity is associated with symptoms of overweight, excessive fat and overeating. However there is more to obe ReadMore

When Obesity Makes You Turn All Red - ￰ The Connection Between Obesity And Blood Pressure  ReadMore

Have you been worrying about your outsized figure? Are you self-conscious when you see yourself in the mirror? Is it that round tummy that is making it more obvious? Fret not, for its time to forget obesity and oversized body. Diabesity is here with the most promising solutions to solve the problems affecting your c ReadMore

When the weighing scale frightens someone the common reaction is ‘Lets hit the gym’ tomorrow itself. According to what people think, exercises have a great role in reducing weight and it is quite common to ReadMore

Gastric bypass surgery is a commonly performed bariatric surgery. In this procedure, small stomach pouch is created and it is attached to the middle portion of the small intestine, bypassing part of the intestine. The procedure changes the amount of food the body can digest, changes the signals that ReadMore

Fight Obesity Live Life....

Posted On 02/02/2018

Are you suffering from Obesity? Don't suffer anymore, Max Health Care Hospital, New Delhi headed by Dr. Nikhil Agnihotri who is a highly accomplished, qualified and devoted Bariatric Surgeon in New Delhi ReadMore

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